Y4 LOGO Roman border

  1. Complete the border using the instructions
  2. Edit the c procedure in some way:
  3. Easy changes
    1. smaller c by making the fd numbers less
    2. more c’s on each side
    3. change the colour of the border by putting for example:  colour “red at the beginning of your program
  4. Medium changes
    1. change the shape – add an extra curl
    2. add a square  border around the outside and/or on the inside
  5. Harder changes
    1. design your own shape to replace the c
    2. design your own shape to alternate with the c
    3. design and add a corner shape
    4. add two layers of shapes
  6. Copy your picture into a j2e5 page (right hand click and copy then ctrl-v to paste into j2e5)  Save it to use for some topic work, eg a poster about the Romans